Carey de Victoria-Michel started Cliff & Sky as a way to share visual creative work and offer services in graphic design. 

With a degree in Environmental Studies from Seattle University, nature is always the grounding motivation in any endeavor I take on. I spent much of my twenties as a rock climber, traveler, rock climbing instructor, and a van dweller. I began painting during this exploration which was inpsired by the many natural vistas I got to spend time in.

I grew up in a creative household with an architect and designer (my mom) and graphic designer and painter (my dad). Eventually, through years of climbing and travel, I narrowed my focus to visual creativity.

Today, my focus is to create visual work through graphic design, painting & illustration. Work motivated by nature, adventure & connecting to our constantly changing environment.

I believe it is important to bring positive impact to the state of climate change. I hope my art can bring light to those issues. I believe in justice and the fight for equality in America. Climate change is real. Black Lives Matter. Trans Lives Matter. Stop Asian Hate. Equal Means Equal.

Reach out anytime.